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About Arwood's Furniture


Arwood's Furniture was established in 1986 by Jim & Debbie Arwood in small location located in downtown Warrensburg, MO. From those humble beginnings Arwood's have moved to two subsequent locations with the last move landing in a building large enough to be Missouri's Largest Furniture Store.

Even though our company has grown in size our business values and customer service has not changed. We strive every day to offer the best furniture to our customers for the lowest price and then provide the best service possible before, during, and after the sale. We believe this business model is why we have been successful for the past 25 years.

As a company, we are dedicated to going green and reducing our company's carbon footprint. We constantly try to conserve energy, become more efficient, recycle, reuse, and do-it-ourselves so we can become less of a burden on the environment while keeping our overhead and prices as low as possible.

Arwood's Furniture endeavors to be of service to our community and stay civically-minded at all times. Because of this we participate with a number of charitable organizations. We donate a space in our building and all utilities for our local Teacher's Warehouse. We have been active participants in the Warrensburg Main Street restoration and Lions Lake restoration projects. We are long-standing members of Rotary Club and Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce. We also donate on a regular basis to many other organizations like the United Way, the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Johnson County Sheltered Workshop, Warrensburg Survival Adult Abuse Shelter, and other organizations too numerous to list.

We understand and respect all the sacrifices that our troops and their families make on the behalf of our freedom. We understand that without everything that our soldiers do to protect our way of life we would not enjoy all the success that we have experienced and for that we say "thank you".

We have always valued our customers, and we will always feel that our customers are the most important people in the world. We wouldn't be here without great people like you. Thank you for your business.